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Quebec City Walls

Quebec is the only city of North America that has kept its fortifications. This unique feature led UNESCO to declare the city as a World Heritage Site in 1985. The walls were built by the French and the English regiments to protect the city.

The walls surround most of Old Quebec and as you walk them, you can learn more about the defence system with commemorative plaques located through the walk.

Quebec City Citadel

The Citadel is the most important British fortress built in North America. It is recognised as a National Historic Site of Canada. The British built the Citadel in the early 19th century to protect Quebec City against American invasion. Today, it is the home of the Royal 22e Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces and also houses an official residence of the Governor General of Canada. During summer, the Canadian Armed Forces present ceremonies to public such as the changing of the guard and the beating of the retreat.

Nouveau St. Roch

A trendy downtown neighborhood bustling with IT workers, merchants, artists, and artisans,Saint-Roch was recently given a major facelift. The redevelopment of Saint-Roch is now renowned for its fashionable restaurants, bars, and boutiques and has given the area a new lease on life. There is a magical toystore and a whole host of stores selling chic clothing and furs, kitchenware, etc. There are lot of things to do out there!

Grande Allée

Grande Allée Street is the main drag of the city! It is where we can find the biggest concentration of restaurants, bars and nightlife of the city. Every evening of the year, that street is lively and abundant of people who want to live the experience of being on Grande Allée Street and party!

Plains of Abraham

In the heart of Quebec City, on the Plains of Abraham in September 1759, the British won a decisive battle that placed the city of Quebec under British rule. It is now the property of the Federal Government. The Plains of Abraham are a popular site for a family lunch and to encourage local sport teams as well. This park is often used for relaxation, outdoor concerts and festivals. During winter, the famous Winter Carnival (with bonhomme) is organized out there, and during summer the impressive Festival d’Été de Québec rocks the place!

Quebec Parliament

The Quebec Parliament Building is located in Quebec City, on Parliament Hill. It is where all the political life is concentrated. It was designated a Historic Site by the Government of Québec in 1985. The Parliament Building is home to the National Assembly.

Quebec City Observatory

The observatory gives a 360 degrees view of Quebec City from 221 meters up! It is the highest building of the city. You have the possibility to enjoy the beauty of the majestic St. Lawrence River by the expansive windows!

Musée des Ursulines

This authentic Musée des Ursulines de Québec is an art and history museum whose mission is to preserve and present the rich heritage of the oldest teaching order in the province of Quebec.